Tayssir Drilling Projects


Tasiast mine - Tayssir

We mobilized two rigs from Tanzania, East Africa and drilled on-site at Tasiast in less than one month from date of signing the contract. These rigs were situated 1,100 kilometers inland from Dar Es Salaam.

Our team mobilized two new rigs from Canada. The contract for these rigs was signed December 8th, 2010. The rigs, drill rods and ancillary equipment were sitting at Atlanta airport awaiting shipment by January 4th, 2011.

We had one of the best safety records of the five drilling companies on site. We drilled 45,000 meters of core (the highest per rig daily average of the five companies on site.)

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Mauritania Copper mine - Tayssir

We drilled over 6,630 meters HQ in 138 days on site and in challenging ground conditions. Our shift average was 27.9 meters with Required Days Off (RDO) breakdowns and all delays included – an extremely low breakdown to drilling day ratio.

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Snim Mauritania - Tayssir

Our team drilled 20,000 meters 4 3/4" in diameter of RC, and 5,000 meters of diamond core. We had an extremely low breakdown to drilling day ratio.